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October 5, 2017

  Racial Greetings White America

              Everyone has been getting on the soap box on this whole NFL deal. Well I am going to voice my opinion on this as well. First off, our nation our race our folk have gotten too involved in worldly things. Just as many of our brothers and sisters know that God’s Holy Word says in Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” This whole NFL deal is just another diversion of many that our folk have seen and experienced all created from the Liberal Jewish controlled left. Remember the Jews use entertainment(Hollywood), music industry (rap & hip-hop music), sports (all your negro dominated sports), celebrities (sports stars and movie stars) as their plat form. While the Jew has our folk disgruntled and upset about the negros not standing for the National Anthem they are obviously doing harm and destruction to our White Christian race in other means that we just don’t know about yet.  

              We all stand around complaining about the problem all day and all night long but is that going to fix the problem? No! Our folk our race is looking for answers and looking for results. One thing to keep in mind we CAN NOT keep supporting these negros and Jews. I have seen lots of white guys on video take their NFL regalia and burn it. I commend these guys for making a statement.  But, DO NOT go out and rebuy the same things you just set a fire because your favorite negro team is winning. DO NOT go out and buy tickets or season tickets. Stop watching the games on the Jew tube on Sunday’s instead go and visit your family, spend that much needed time with your kids. Boycott the NFL and all of these negro invested sports teams. Sports to some white Americans is like a drug they cannot go without it.  As a race, we need to come together and hit these negros and Jews where it hurts the worst and that is in the pocket book.  If any of these race traitors, negros, and Jews were out for their so called “cause” any of these professional negro athletes could financially take care of these problems that their people have caused. This is not the white man’s problem so let’s keep it that way these apes and Jews have created this problem. There are so many other things a white man could be doing instead of watching a black ape run up and down a football field. 1Tim 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”


Rev. Ray Edwards

IW American Christian Knight



America’s Real Threat 

The ideologies of Islam and Marxism are centralized around our government and they do seek world domination. Our people (White Aryan Race) are illiterate when it comes to this subject because our people have been dumbed down for generation after generation. The results are our loss of freedom of expression, thought control, and our traditional Christian morals and values. Marxism and Islam have a goal set in mind and that is to destroy Western White culture where they can then implement their ideologies. Western Europe is a prime example of what is to come here in America. Western Europe has opened their borders to these mud races of Muslims and these so called refugees while they sit back and watch them destroy their race, traditions, and cultures. The consequences of Western Europe opening its borders to these mud races of Muslims has been same as self-inflicted culture genocide, and white genocide, which they will never be able to recover from.

            Today’s Marxists are called progressives to hide their ideology and their identity. This is just one of the many masks these Communist Marxist hide behind. Most people that consider themselves progressives are ignorant of the ideology they are promoting. The environment in America today makes it extremely clear that this shift in power from the perceived dominant privileged oppressors to the lower oppressed group is occurring and rapidly gaining momentum. It is supported by political correctness which is pervasive; adversely affects our country; and significantly influences every level of concern where the focus is on White Guilt instead of traditional disciplines of study. 

           Political correctness also has a powerful effect on matters involving race and sexual orientation as well as the political and MSM arenas of hate, vicious ad hominem attacks, and lies. As you are well-aware, calling an individual a racist, sexist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, etc., is today's norm, and typically directed toward straight White males who are considered outcast. As an unintended consequence of Marxist political correctness, its success has been observed by the patient, keen eyes of the Muslim activists. They have seen the significant benefits so called "oppressed" minority groups have made waiving their usual banners of racist, sexist , etc., as they claim to be offended. These mud race Muslims know very well that in politically correct America they are considered a minority, and as such included as an "oppressed" group. Therefore, they take full advantage of the same leverage and power exercised by other so-called minority subgroups using the moral absolutes of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance that are inextricably linked to political correctness.

            The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Brotherhood's arm for civil rights and advocacy, and other such activist groups have forged strong high level political ties in DC. This in large part caused by their chief advocate, Obama, making them easy access to his administration, hiring anti-American Muslims, and implementing a protective 'pro-Muslim' policy.

CAIR recognized how quickly American citizens and businesses caved with little, if any, resistance by the mere thought of or being demonized as Islamophobic. They astutely take full

advantage of this vulnerability and the alleged "offender" generally settles the matter to avoid being indicted for civil rights violations or incurring the expense of civil litigation. CAIR's latest complaint is sniveling about the June 10, 2017 'March Against Sharia' by thousands of concerned Americans in twenty cities across the U.S. who are fed up with Muslims being shoved down their throats.

            Only a fool who is in denial of the Muslim mud race invasion and the devastation of Western Europe believes their White culture will not change in America. The Democrats, Republicans, MSM, and many activist federal judges legislating personal agendas are aggressively facilitating that end. These type people ignore the Muslim enclave in this country. They oppose Trump’s limited travel ban, and they still seek to maintain Obama’s bad policy of open borders and the generous welfare to the world’s races of  Muslims. The Atlantic Ocean deters the easy access to Muslim aliens in Western Europe where countries are close together to each other. However, it did not prevent Obama from legally and illegally importing hordes of unvetted Muslims to the US under the mask of refugee. That informal group continues to take full advantage of America’s generosity while they fail to make any meaningful contributions to our country. They reproduce very rapidly swelling and strengthening their presence here in the US while propagating Islamic ideology. It is time for White Christian America to stand up against this invasion of mud races which is being influenced by no other than a Communist Marxist agenda.

Imperial Wizard

American Christian Knights 



Racial Greetings,

               Many questions have come about from many comrades.  Has a second Civil War begun?  Has a spiritual or religious war begun?  Has a culture war begun?  Has a race war begun?  The answer to all of these questions is YES!  Although all of these mentioned wars can be summed up to one, a war against the White Christian Race.  So who is the enemy?  Who is the one responsible for this attack on the White Christian society?

               An extreme left group of people controlled by the Zionist Occupied Government is the true enemy.  Unlike in the first civil war no one wants to secede, the extreme left wants to rule.  The extreme left has rejected all forms of authority that it does not control; they have rejected the last two presidential elections won by the right (which who is in favor of White Christian morals).  The extreme left has rejected judicial authority of the Supreme Court when its decisions do not accord with its agenda.  They reject authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the extreme left.  They do not accept laws other than those dictated by its ideology which completely goes against the morals of every White Christian American.  

               During Obama’s eight year term, this left wing Black Muslim set the agenda for this movement we see today.  The Democratic Party has become radicalized by ZOG.   This means that their first and foremost allegiance is to an ideology, not the Constitution of the United States, not our country or our system of government that our nation was originally founded upon.  This is a very common practice of communism.  There is a political power struggle now between elected officials and the machinery of government (ZOG) that is aided by a handful of judges and local elected officials.  Since  there are two competing government’s, the legal government and the treasonous government of the extreme left, if this political conflict were to progress, individuals at every level will be asked to demonstrate their allegiance to one of these two governments.  And this can explosively transform into a civil war.  There are a few signs that Democrats understand the dangerous road that the communist left is drawing them towards.

               Civil wars end when one side is FORCED to accept the authority of the other.  The communist extreme left expects everyone to accept its ideological authority.  This is an authority that goes against every White Christian value and moral.  Obviously the extreme left is a communist movement; they are engaged in a struggle for power that will affect all White American Christians.  It is not a protest, it is not activism.  The old communist rule of the sixties has come of age. A civil war has begun and its outcome will determine whether we will be a free White Christian Nation or a nation of slaves that belong to ZOG.

Imperial Wizard

American Christian Knights 


May 12 2017

Racial Greeting

On May 7th 2017 we all witnessed the genocide of our White Christian Southern Heritage in what was once a great city, New Orleans Louisiana. First and foremost we commend all the patriots down there still fighting and standing for what they believe in. The taking down of the Confederate Monuments have been brewing for quiet some time. Now there is talk of taking down other Confederate Monuments in other cities across the South. All of which is just a political stunt being promoted by the liberal left and being carried out by the jew puppet himself Mitch Landrieu. This so called leader has bowed down to the jew and has kissed the rear ends of these blacks since the day he has taken office. This jew puppet, so called mayor has spent millions of tax payer dollars on removing the Confederate Monuments while the citizens of New Orleans suffer from poverty, you have drug problems there, you have a city that's crime rate is one of the highest in the nation. But they rather remove monuments. Sounds like Landrieu has his priorities wrong or does he? I believe he is carrying out the orders of his jew masters. Landrieu could care less about the citizens and the real needs of that city. As long as it gets him re-elected.

The question now to all of our fellow White Southern Christians is, what are they going to put in place of the monuments? Are they going to put a statue up of Martin Luther Coon or some other black Civil Rights Leader? Rumor has it they are thinking of putting one up of Mohammad Ali. Which would really be a disgrace because Ali was part of the Black Muslim Brotherhood and has made public statements he hates white people. This is now what we all need to be on the look out for, what is going up next. Every able body White Southern Christian needs to be very vigilant on this situation. It is up to us now to prevent anything like this from happening. They have already taken our Battle Flag and monuments we must now protect what we have left and what will be left for our kids and grand kids. I am calling for all White Christian Southerners to stay away from the city of New Orleans do not give them another dime. Lets hit them where it hurts the worst and that is in the pocket book. We still have a voice lets make use of it and see that the jew puppet Mitch Landrieu does not get re-elected and lets see to it that we do not spend another dime in that city.


Imperial Wizard
American Christian Knights


April 14th 2017

A true Klansman is born it is not something that is taught or something someone can be transformed into. You either have it in your heart or you don't. Being a true Klansman is more than just sitting around playing computer commando, bad mouthing the government and all non-whites. A true Klansman tries his hardest to live his everyday life by the 12th chapter of Romans. It is a time when we unite as one with our fellow brothers and sisters and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as he was meant to be worshipped and we give Him all the glory, it is a time when we teach our fellow Klansman and women to become a better Christian, a better patriot, a better father or mother to their kids, and a better spouse.

But today's society brings forth a different type of people. Men and women want to join pro-white organizations for all the wrong reasons. Some could care less about what the true Klan stands for and what the true Klan is all about. Some come in with lust in their hearts, and are in it for positions, titles, and self gain. These are the ones that do harm to the Klan and gives our organizations a bad name, these are the ones that try and tear apart an organization from within.

If you are a White American citizen, proud of your white heritage, you can be fighting with us and not against us. The Ku Klux Klan has always been and always will be a pro-white, pro-American organization. We stand for our White Christian Heritage, and White Christian people all over America. The Ku Klux Klan has never been anti anything.

White people around our nation today need to realize the fight we have ahead of us and it will take each and every able body to over come the diversity our race has faced. When it comes to it we are our own worst enemy. The Jews, Muslims, blacks, etc are all enemies of our white race. But when it comes to unity they are ahead. Let's put our differences aside, let's put the ego's aside, along with the computer games, social media and so on. Let's focus on what is ahead not only for the immediate future but the extended future. Keep up the good fight and let's KEEP AMERICA AMERICAN.

Ephesians 4:15 "But speaking the truth in love may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ."

Imperial Wizard
American Christian Knights


February 1 2017


First and foremost I would like to congratulate our President our Commander in Chief Donald J Trump on his success so far. The American Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan commend President Trump and stand by his executive orders he has signed and put into place. This is well overdue for our country. This is a turning point in American History that is well over due for White Christians. I don't think we ever had a president in this day and age to take office and does exactly what he said he was going to do.

President Trump has the liberal left shaking in there boots. I am sure we are not going to agree with everything President Trump says or does but the agreements have out weighed the disagreements and I am sure I speak for the majority of White Christians across America. Now that President Trump has put these executive orders into action we are all being attacked from the liberal left. Let's look at the women's march, they have people like Madonna cheering for them. It's funny how the liberals will pick someone such as this race mixer to lead their campaign. Any woman in America no matter there race should be insulted at the least to have someone like Madonna speaking up for them. She is a disgrace and especially to the White Race.

Then you have Starbucks making an announcement that they will start to hire illegal immigrants and refuges in retaliation of President Trump's executive orders. President Trump is just doing what he has to do to protect the American citizens something past administrations failed to do over the past years. These liberal companies rather hire illegals and refuges then our war veterans. We as a White Christian need to rally behind President Trump. Let's hit these liberals where it hurts the most, right in their pocket book. I am calling for a boycott on all liberal companies that hire and affiliate with illegals, refuges, and non whites.

Imperial Wizard
American Christian Knights

1 Peter 5:8
"Be sober be vigilant, because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion, walketh, about seeking whom he may devour "


December 20, 2016

Racial Greeting Everyone,
To my fellow White Christian Americans on November 8th 2016 the voice of the white majority of this nation was heard. From east coast to west coast the white mans voice was heard once again. By no means is Donald Trump our savior. But Trump's victory is not only a victory for America it is a victory for the White Christian Families across this land. Trump's victory is proof that this country is in a revolution.

Trump's victory opened the door to the corruption in Washington DC, the corruption on wall street, the corruption of the Clinton's, and the corruption of the establishment on both sides. This actually showed America who is pulling the strings in Washington. Most of all Trump spoke about is just God given common sense something this nation has not seen in years. Brother's and sister's this fight is not over yet.

The fight for White Christian America has just begun. It is not time to lay down, this is just what the liberals want. They want you to feel comfortable, they want you to be relaxed now we have our man in the White House. As a White Christian race we can not afford to sit back and continue to let the liberal left take our country, and our rights. I challenge each and every able bodied White American Christian to stand up for what is right. Make a stand for what this nation was founded upon, A WHITE CHRISTIAN NATION. Make a stand to put Yahweh God back in this nation. Make a stand for the future our kids and grand kids. And lets keep America American!........

James 2:18 "Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works."